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About Us

Real estate is one of the booming sectors in India with high potential for future prospects. If you are looking forward to making best out of this sector, then, we, RTS group, are here as the service provider of real estate consulting services. We understand that with the rapid growth of commercial and residential real estate projects all over Delhi-NCR in the last two decades, expectations of the end users has increased by many folds. They want to see something unique, more advanced and more rewarding to the way of living. However, a project of real estate development is not just about design extravaganza, it also involves various other aspects and risks. We are here to help you reduce those risks so that you can set the best foundation for your real estate development projects.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience with market studies and portfolio analyses, enable us to offer all types of real estate consultancy related to lease advisory, area statistics, property valuation, paperwork and more.

In our journey of 7 years since 2010, we have won the trust and confidence of our esteemed clientele by providing them unbiased, transparent and genuine consultancy. Owing to the authenticity and credibility of our Services, we have established a good reputation for ourselves and have succeeded in achieving an annual turn over of Rs 700 Crore. 

Assisting You in Building a Prosperous Future

If you are someone who wishes to carry on a real estate development project or someone interested in renting, buying or selling a property, then it is the time to invest your efforts in building a prospering future. Check out the ongoing three major trends in Indian real estate industry sourced from 'Economic Times':

  • Into the Indian real estate industry, Global capital inflow will increase further
  • Developers are looking forward to revamping their business models
  • The sector of affordable housing will see immense growth

Through our services, we, RTS group, are always there to help our clients benefit from these changing dynamics of real estate industry and grab the best opportunity for themselves.

Who Needs These Services? 

Real estate development is very much needed for the infrastructural development of a state or country as a whole. But as you know yourself all projects are not of the same standard, some are outperforming others. So what sets a project ahead of its competitor's projects? Various factors influence this and only through proper real estate consultancy, you will know what needs to be done to enhance the value of a real estate project if you are into property development. And, if you are looking to sell or buy properties then also real estate consultancy services help you in analyzing, selecting and possessing the right property in a hassle free way. In the context, here is the suitable prospective customers list, who requires our services: 

  • You can be someone who wishes to carry on a real estate development project.
  • You can be someone interested in renting, buying or selling a property.

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